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Best Tools For Online Profitsby Christopher Westra

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Check out Your Best Tools For Online Profits Below:

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* Obtain Free Useful Data from Google Webmaster Tools (Tip 6)

* Boost Your Subscribers with Creative Pop Sites (Tip 7)

* Earn More by Using these 2 Free Keyword Search Tools (Tip 8)

* Use Exit Link Information to Boost Your Profits (Tip 9)

* Make it Really Easy to Order YOUR Product Online (Tip 10)

royalties woman pictureRoyalties University (Education)

All You need is one virtual property and in Seven Days you can be Earning Royalties. Sign up Today for Royalties University.

Empower your life by using the simplest way to get monthly recurring income without trading time for money.

Aweber symbolAweber (to Manage Your Subscriber List)

Another tool you need for your business is known as an autoresponder.

You've seen those opt-in forms like the one above?

Well, most of them are created with Aweber. I've used them for years to manage all my subscriber lists and opt in forms. Most other professional marketers use Aweber also.

Their customer service is superb. You just call them up with any questions you have. Just click on this Aweber Link Here and you'll get your first month of service for only $1.

secrets of meditation affiliate linkBest Affiliate Program

I am an affiliate for a LOT of different programs.

The very top (most consistent) affiliate program I'm involved with is for Matt Clarkson and his Secrets of Meditation and many other related products.

Matt pays 50% on all front end programs and his tracking of your referrals is rock solid. He is easy to work with, the products are excellent, and he makes promotion easy also with simple tools.

Just Click Here to Sign Up as an Affiliate for Matt Clarkson.

I shoot for $1000 a month with him.

Online Profits ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools

This free service from Google is so valuable in your Online Profits Work.

Just go to Google Webmaster Tools and register your site and let them track search queries, links to your site, keywords, internal links, subscriber stats, and so much more!

Yes, the service is absolutely free and the stats are presented in an easy to read manner. You can easily register all your websites.

Royalties University Band

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online profits band

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Don’t use the Internet for the sleaze –
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Statcounter is a free service that gives you lots of stats about visitors to your site.

You will learn about keywords people are using to find your site, and what other links they are using to get to your pages. You'll also learn which pages on your site are most popular.

Additionally, you'll learn about search engines, downloads from your site, exit links, and much more. Just go to Statcounter to sign up and start receiving your helpful stats.

I've used them for years, and I get no benefit at all from referring you to them. I'm just paying them back for their free service and giving you the best tools I use for my Online Profits.

The Best Tools For Online Profits is Sponsored by Royalties University

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